About us

Hanshin Co.,Ltd would like to send best regards to You

Thanks to trust from over 400 customers, Hanshin has now become the leading  distributor of Korean  Air Compressor in Vietnam

For many years working in Vietnam, we gained much experience for supplying and installation of air system.

With the young, enthusiastic, qualified team who were trained oversea, we are ready to serve you best.

With professional working manner and high responsibility, we commit to bring to valued customers trust, satisfaction on product’s quality and the after-sales services.

We always provide  optimum solutions for your factories and give highest priority for increasing our service and product’s quality.


Chung Woon Taek


Hanshin Family
Our technical team


For customers: We bring to our customers the optimized products and services.

For company members: We bring about the professional working environment and great opportunities for training and career development.

For the society: We contribute to create more jobs, more welfares to the society and enhance the charity to the community.


Customer is the centre for our working

Bring to customers the Korean leading product

With our Young, enthusiastic team who were trained carefully  and much experienced, we will bring to customers reliable aftersale services.


With the commitment “perfect product and service”. Hanshin is continuously providing our products and services for better serving customers.

For customers: Hanshin commits to maximize the customer’s profit by providing customer the best products and services.

For the staffs: Hanshin commits to bring to our staffs the best life, ensuring the steady income with promotion chance.

For the community: Hanshin commits to fulfill all the financial duty to the State. Also, Hanshin usually share the difficulties with disadvantaged people by charity activities and other social works.